Around Instagram: Discovery

Instagram Headergraphic @artbloggersInstagram has grown into a huge social network based on square images. It’s always an inspiration to browse the various #hastags for new images, compositions, artwork in various forms. Mobile Photographers, professional still photographers and videographers being in the moment give you a snapshot of time around the world. As @idx I follow many people in foreign countries and they bring me along with them on their journey of their life. It’s quite fascinating. Artbloggers also has an account on Instagram and if you think we should showcase or make note of a particular photo just hashtag it with #artbloggers and we’ll pull it into the site as image post.

Once we have more artists, that use our site we will also repost certain photos on our Instagram feed. For now all you see are my photos that I provided to artbloggers.

As I am also a techie, I use this show case to also use some nifty tools to automate the process. The tools of choice is that helps me keeping track of all the pictures with #artblogers hashtag to post them here.

Caveat: Instagram has been known to hickup on the hashtag notification, it gets mixed up when someone uses the hashtag and the account was at one time a private account. It might not pick up the photos, despite the fact that is was explicitly hashtaged. If that happens, just shoot a note with the URL of your photos and we manually add it to the showcase.



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